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Eggs XL Certified Organic Free Range Country Range(59g,700g doz)


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  • Brand: Country Range
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (ACO)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Not suitable for vegans (eggs), suitable for ovo-vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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    Australia's first marketed organic egg!
    Country Range Farming - one of the best organic eggs around:
    Organic grain fed to the chickens are produced on the farm.
    Over 45 years producing free range eggs, over 15 years producing organic eggs.
    Long time family enterprise in QLD with good production, so slightly more regularity of supply.
    More information below on Country Range Farming - family, production, old fashion methods of rearing chicks, organic grain milling and certification.
    Whites - if they are slightly runnier than usual at the moment this is due to the warmer temperatures and heat waves. Still fresh and fine to enjoy.
    Prolonged drought conditions continue to impact on feed and freight costs, making good quality eggs and chicken costly to grow.
    Fresh XL Organic eggs.
    Bestselling eggs - Get in quick!
    Bursting with flavour.

    Fresh Eggs must be Pre-Ordered and
    can only be shipped to Sydney suburbs

    NOTE:   a minimum of 9 dozen per order is required IF your order
    only contains eggs and no other products (egg-only orders).
    No minimum applies if your order
    contains any other products.

    Pre-Order and pay by Wednesday 6pm (Sydney time) each week
    for shipping the following Tuesday
    (6 days later).
    (except for Tuesday public holidays - shipping on Wednesday instead)
    Check our Events Calendar for upcoming Pre-Order deadline days
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    Natural is best for raising chicks:
    At Country Range Farming, we use an old fashioned method of rearing chicks to help keep them as naturally healthy as possible.

    From the age of three weeks, chicks are allowed to roam outside during the day, amongst plantings of forage sorghum crops. This allows for instincts to develop against predators and prepares the chicks for all weather conditions. Later, they are allowed to range freely among shade trees, obtaining natural immunity against disease.

    Growing a quality egg at Country Range Farms:
    Laying hens are brought onto the
    Country Range Farming property as day old chicks and from then on, are treated strictly according to free range and organic guidelines.

    We feed them only organic foodstuffs and use no chemicals not permitted by the organic certifying body.
    The free range conditions under which the hens live are audited and certified - proving the highest standards of housing and treatment.
    Each organic free range egg we produce is individually stamped with a code indicating the date packed and the farm and shed from which it was produced.
    Egg yolk and shell colour
    Egg yolk and shell colour do not indicate the nutritional quality of the egg
    The egg yolk colour increases with the amount of fresh green grasses and certain type of grains consumed by each hen and their exposure to sunlight. As the hens are free to eat and roam where they please, egg yolks may slightly vary in colour. Farms aim to keep a consistent egg yolk colour. Egg shell colour depends on the age, type and colour of the chicken.

    Egg size
    The minimum weight is 58g per egg, with some being over, even up to 65g so you end up with a greater total size.

    You'll find within just 1 dozen there will be a variety of sizes aiming for an overal 700g dozen weight. The nature of certified organic real free-range eggs is that the eggs will be of differing sizes as the hens are naturally raised, unlike closed barn style batteries where they only pick very uniform shape and weights, whilst disregarding other eggs just for the look.

    Storage: Store these fresh eggs in the refrigerator, especially in hot, warmer, humid months. Also best to store in the carton or ideally in a sealed plastic container as egg shells are porous and absorb surrounding elements.
    The 'best before' date of each carton of eggs is around 3-5 weeks from collection. These eggs arrive into Sydney fresh from the farm every week depending on supply.

    Origin: Darling Downs, Boodua, QLD, Australia
    Certification: ACO, Free range, Egg Corp Assured, Safe Food Production, ISO HACCP SCS.
    About the Country Range farm and production:
    We are a truly family concern:
    The Inwood Family of Country Range Farming Pty Ltd has been farming for many generations at Boodua on the Darling Downs - now producing organic eggs as well as grain, beef cattle and lucerne.

    Country Range Farming Pty Ltd is a family-owned company located on the Darling Downs in Queensland. We are committed to the production of organic eggs that are free from any known synthetic additives and GMOs, with organic hens thriving under ideal free-range conditions.

    The Inwood Family was the first to market organic eggs in Australia:
    Roy Inwood has been producing certified organic, free range eggs for more that 15 years and free range eggs for over 45 years. He is a fourth generation farmer on the property located at Boodua, near Toowoomba in Queensland. His son Damien and Tracey - and their families - have further expanded the business, purchasing neighbouring farms and establishing these farms as certified organic.

    Organic - increasingly the consumer's egg of choice:
    For an egg to be classified as 'organic', it must first be produced from free range hens.

    Furthermore, these hens must be fed entirely certified organic grains. They must graze on certified organic pastures – free from synthetic additives.

    Free Range:
    Our Free Range hens also...
    - Can forage freely across acres in daylight hours
    - Lay in straw-filled nests from which the eggs are collected twice daily by hand.

    Country Range Farming is accredited by Egg Corp Assured:
    This is your guarantee that the eggs are laid by hens that are able to live under natural conditions and have access to food and water at all times.

    Our own grain:
    To ensure integrity of the organic system,
    Country Range Farming grows and mills its own grain, on-farm. All the crops are certified organic in terms of production and harvesting.

    About the business:
    Country Range Farming Pty Ltd is a family-owned company located on the Darling Downs in Queensland. We are committed to the production of organic eggs that are free from any known synthetic additives and GMOs, with organic hens thriving under ideal free-range conditions.

    A modern, state of the art grading and processing facility operates on farm to ensure the integrity of the product and the production chain, utilising the very latest in food technology.

    The company is dedicated to quality. Directors and staff of Country Range Farming are highly experienced in supply chain management, marketing and animal husbandry. They are well informed regarding egg industry issues, safe food requirements, government policies and animal welfare ideologies and operate under Biosecurity guidelines.

    Environmental management: Understanding the impact that the industry can have on the environment and its sustainability, the company has developed a sound environmental management system that is maintained by both Directors and staff.

    The Country Range Organic Free Range Egg is a well-recognised product, enjoying a high level of brand loyalty through its national distribution.

    Supply: By developing strategic supply partnerships with other organic egg producers, Country Range Farming offers a consistent, guaranteed supply 52 weeks of the year. Our level of production continues to increase annually.

    Export: Country Range Farming offers fully accredited eggs for export.

    Organic Accreditation - the process:
    To become certified under the National Standards, a producer must undergo an inconversion period of three years. This period is intended to hone skill levels, ensure no chemical residues are present in the soil and to ensure integrity of production.

    Yearly independent audits are conducted, consisting of examing the production system visually to ensure no abnormalities exist and correlating all records to ensure that each and every stage of production has maintained organic integrity.

    Country Range Farming is authorised to display the Safe Food Production logo and Australian Government Regulatory Mark to substantiate this.
    Country Range Farming is also accredited to ISO HACCP by the leading international certification company, SGS.

    The areas where the birds are allowed to run, must be free of chemical sprays and pesticides and the drinking water must be potable. No synthetic additives are to be used on hens producing organic eggs. Pastures must be stocked at no more than 1,500 birds per hectare.

    Feed grown on the property must be consistent with organic farming and organic processes working with natural inputs & as little as possible of anything that will cause adverse environmental impact. All purchased feed must be from certified organic feed mills & producers.



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